Why DTF Transfer House

We have built our software to allow the easiest ordering of Transfers possible. With our live view editing software, you can remove backgrounds and gang multiple files at once. This makes ordering a gang sheet so much easier. Saving you time and money. We also use a hot peel paper for all orders. This means you no longer need to wait for cooling time or do second presses.

The DTF Process

  • Vibrant Colors

    Using our combination of Inks, Paper, and Powder, our colors are unmatched!

  • Hot Peel Paper

    Our special hot peel paper saves you time and money. Our paper allows you peel right after your first press without a need for a second press. As we all know, TIME = MONEY!!

  • Fast Turnaround

    Using our live view editor allows print ready files to be sent directly to our printers. This means shorter turnaround times. We average 1-2 business days for production.